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Here is a taster of
Creative TranslationWorks’ completed projects
from German into English

Food and Drink

  • Cookery books, menus, recipes, instructions for small kitchen appliances, etc.

Cookbooks translated from German to English by Lisa Davey


Marketing and Advertising

  • Campaigns, slogans, websites, brochures

Fashion and Cosmetics

  • Websites, brochures, catalogues, store information, clothing descriptions, etc.

Copy-editing / Proofreading / Revision

  • Books, articles, translations by others, etc.


Museums and Exhibitions

  • Exhibitions, information boards, catalogues, marketing and advertising, etc.


  • Die Berge und Wir / The mountains and us. Deutscher Alpenverein Munich 12.5. 2019 – 13.9 2020
  • William Kentridge: O Sentimental Machine. Liebighaus Skulpturensammlung  Frankfurt am Main 23.3.2018-26. 8.2018
  • gerade wild. alpenflüsse Deutscher Alpenverein Munich 17.5. 2018 – 17.3. 2019
  • Hoch Hinaus! Wege und Hütten in den Alpen Deutscher Alpenverein Munich 9.3. 2017 – 8.4. 2018
  • Über den Himalaya. Die Expedition der Brüder Schlagintweit nach Indien und Zentralasien 1854 bis 1858 Deutscher Alpenverein Munich 19.3.2015 – 26.6.2016
  • Show and Tell – Architectural (hi)stories from the Pinakothek collection Munich, 13.3 – 15.6. 2014


  • Guide books, websites and brochures for hotels and all types of holidays, etc.
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Luxury Goods

  • Watches, jewellery, handbags, designer fashion, etc.

Books and Toys

  • Children’s stories, instructions for games, activity books, safety information for children’s equipment, etc.

Humanitarian / Charity / Immigration

  • Promotional materials, articles, annual reports, rules and regulations, etc.
I am Alive

Project for Save the Children’s 100th anniversary

Corporate and Human Resources

  • Websites, newsletters, job descriptions, training courses, etc.


  • University course descriptions, websites, brochures, etc.
  • Also offered are workshops on aspects of translation and German lessons

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