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You are looking for someone
to translate your German text into English with expertise.

Here at Creative TranslationWorks, we relish the joy of working for clients like you who appreciate the skill involved in translating in areas that require imagination, wordsmithery and flair.

This is the reason why clients have been entrusting their translation projects to Creative TranslationWorks for well over 20 years.

Our clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (and other countries in Europe) value translators like us who can demonstrate expertise and a proven track record in German to English translation for the creative sector.

Translators Association

Future success

Your business is also our business. Knowing what’s hot and what’s not is part and parcel of achieving positive outcomes. Working closely together with our clients is important to us. We work hard to ensure that your text has the same impact in English as it does in German. This requires more than simply exchanging one word for another. We aim to convey your message accurately, taking into account its emotional impact, cultural differences and commercial appeal.


Industry knowledge

Creative TranslationWorks receives regular fresh impetus to inspire our work on your texts through membership of the Society of Authors and its Translators’ Association, and by playing an active part in the Institute of Translation and Interpreting’s Western Regional Group. Further stimulus is obtained from regular participation on Continuing Professional Development courses and working as a part-time Lecturer in Translation at the University of Bath. This activity feeds into keeping our translation practice fresh, and the results are interwoven into your texts, thus contributing to your success.

Computer Technology

Clients’ texts can benefit from the use of translation technology. Creative TranslationWorks maintains consistency in terminology by using computer-aided translation (CAT) tools such as MemoQ where appropriate to store our newly composed translation and your preferred terminology. CAT tools are not the same as automatic machine translation which we do not recommend as your text will lose its individuality and appeal because the computer algorithms used do not possess their own creative spark which is essential for marketing.

Contact Creative TranslationWorks about your project now. We will reply within one business day to discuss your requirements in detail.